How's it going bro's my name is Jotaro Kujoo!

This seems to resemble Star Platinum but if Jotaro took a different career path, can be obtained if your Youtube channel has over 750 Subscribers.


E- Like And Subscribe Barrage - Youtube Platinum Barrages with moderate force, beating the other player down. (This has a cool Youtube effect for each punch.) Also lasts inf.

R- Can we smash that like button!? - Youtube Platinum Charges a powerful punch, dealing moderate damage with a huge youtube sign upon impact.

T - Notification Bell Finger - Youtube Platinum extends it's finger by 1.5 meters, tripping anyone it hits.

How To Obtain

You Must Become a Youtuber But You Need Gmail Account As After Create The Account of Youtube Account You Need Subscribe Requirement Youtuber Role in ABDM Discord as a 1000 Subscribes

Extra Info

Youtube Platinum Can't Trade Because Made Trade-Locked

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