"It's Mine!" - Whitesnake (From Another Universe)


E - USHA Barrage: Whitesnake AU goes infront of the user, doing about 50 fast punches, dealing great damage.

R - Super Acid Combo: Whitesnake will do 3 fast punches, dealing GODLY damage. Can instantly kill low durability stands if all three hit.

T - Disuku Throw: Whitesnake will throw a disc at the opponent, dealing decent damage, and sticking into the opponent's head. However, this has a chance to give standless users a random arrow stand.

Y - Super Acidic Spit Punch: Whitesnake will spit some acid on his fist, and 2 seconds later, will punch the opponent, dealing GODLY damage. Can also one hit most low durability stands.

F - Your disc is mine!: Whitesnake will swipe a disc, and anyone hit my it, will lose their stand ability, making them completely vulnerable for 15 seconds. Does decent damage.

V - Uzi Time!: The user pull out at uzi, and shoots about 40 shots, dealing 7.5 damage per shot.

Quotes: It's Mine!


F + E + R (Medium)

V + C + R (Medium-Hard)

Y + F + R (Hard)

T + C + E + R (Medium-Hard)

E + Y (Medium)

E + R + V(Easy)

F + Y (Medium-Hard)

R + T (Easy)

V + C + T (Easy)

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