How to obtain:

Obtained from an arrow with 2% chance.


E - Usha! Barrage

R - Alternate Combo ~ GODLY damage when all 3 hit

T - Disk Throw ~ Deals small damage but has a chance to give standless a stand

Y - Acid Charge ~ Whitesnake will do an animation and after 2 seconds will throw a GODLY punch with the same aura as The World Over Heaven's Heal Overwrite but has the same noise as Gold Experience's heal.

F - Disk Steal ~ Completely removes the enemy's stand ability for about 10 seconds.

V - Uzi Time! ~ The user will pull out an Uzi and shoot about 30 shots dealing 7.5 damage each shot that is hit. Godly damage if used right.


F + R + (only use if they don't die yet) V (Can one hit most stands, even if they have good durability)

Y + R (Can also one hit most stands)

E + R + V (Basic combo, however deals GODLY damage if all three hits on R move hit)


  • Whitesnake Alternate Universe can not be evolved to C - moon or Made in Heaven.
  • WS:AU is a lot stronger than normal Whitesnake.
  • Whitesnake Alternate Universe only has one quote, "It's Mine!".

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