STAND - 「Whitesnake」 - Unusual in the arrow.

Screenshot 38.png

"It's Mine!~"


E - Usha! Barrage

Whitesnake does very heavy punches which are extremely powerful and can destroy your opponent's HP up to 30%.

R - Heavy punch

Whitesnake does a heavy punch which deals a quiet great damage.

T - Gun Shot

Whitesnake takes out a pistol and shoots it, hitting anyone standing in front of him. Has low cooldown, so quite spammable.

Y - Acid Spit

Whitesnake spits acid at his opponent, forcing them to ragdoll, while being poisoned and their HP getting slowly decreased.

F - Disc Steal

Whitesnake says "DISUKU!" and steals their stand's abilities for a few seconds, they are completely helpless during this phase and can only run with WASD, no roll or super jump.

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