STAND - 「Volcanic King Crimson」 - Volcanic Doppio (2 Arm) + Frog.

"No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them. All that remains is the result, where you will all perish. Eternal greatness only exists only within myself. Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."

Basic information:

Volcanic King Crimson is a shiny version of King Crimson.This stand is a close ranged type.It can be obtained by using frog on Volcanic Doppio (2 Arm),which is 1% from arrows.


E - Left Hook Punch:

You strike your opponent with your left hand dealing good damage.

Volcanic King Crimson Left Hook Punch.gif

R - Right Hook Punch

You chop your opponent with your right hand, dealing great damage and ragdolls. Good for combos.

Volcanic King Crimson Right Hook Punch.gif

T - Epitaph

You predict future attacks allowing you to dodge for 10 seconds. You cannot attack during this. Pressing T again will allow the user to cancel Epitaph.

Volcanic King Crimson Epitaph.gif

Y - Heavy kick

You do a heavy kick which sends your opponent flying up. This move also stuns your opponent, great for starting up combos.

Volcanic King Crimson Heavy Kick.gif

F - Time Erase

King Crimson!Time has been erased!! You are invisible and invincible for about 15 seconds and only GER can see you and reset your ability to zero.

Volcanic King Crimson Time Erase.gif

H - Donut Hole

This is a super heavy punch which wipes 40% of enemy's HP and makes the enemy fly up in the air. Very powerful punch.

Volcanic King Crimson Donut Hole.gif

V - Time Leap

Volcanic King Crimson leaps through time for a few seconds.This ability is good for dodging.

Volcanic King Crimson Time Leap.gif
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