Basic Information:

Volcanic Gold Experience Requiem (AKA VGER) is a stand that can be obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Volcanic Gold Experience.


E - Requiem Barrage

VGER unleashes a flurry of extremely powerful punches. This barrage lasts a long time.

R - Requiem Strong Punch

VGER performs a quick, powerful punch that has knockback.

T - Rock Throw

VGER throws a rock that transforms into a scorpion upon contact with the opponent, dealing damage over time.

(Note: This move is broken and does nothing besides an animation.)

Y - Life Restore

VGER heals whoever is in front of it, restoring 45 health.

V + Y - Self Life Restore

VGER heals the user, restoring 45 health.

F - Return to Zero

VGER and the user transition into a defensive stance. Any attack will be reflected back, and this move can also be used to cancel time-based moves. Certain stands can bypass this feature, however.

Z - Stand Leap

VGER helps the user propel forward, covering a great amount of ground. Unlike other stand leaps, this one launches the player more horizontally than vertically.

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