STAND -「Vampiric The World」- The World + Vampire Mask.



Your vampiric abilities grant you health regeneration, so that means you heal over-time.

E - MUDA Barrage

The World throws a bunch of fast-paced punches with intense damage. Not much to say, but this is quite powerful.

R - Heavy Punch

The World charges up a heavy punch and throws it at the opponent, throwing them away.

T - Knife throw

You throw a knife at someone. Doesn't deal much damage, but gives you the advantage of having a projectile. You can spam this attack in time-stop, though.

F - Time stop

You stop time for 9 seconds, in which you need to act. That's actually quite a lot! You're matched with an overheaven when it comes to time-stop.

Y - Blood Suck

You take out your hand and stab it into someone, sucking out their blood, and healing you.(Vampire move)

B - Vaporization Freezing Technique

You use your hands to stab your opponent with them and make them freeze, after they are freezed, they thaw and fly away.

J - Road roller

Time stops for 9 seconds and The world uses a road roller.

V - Space Ripper Stingy Eyes

The user charges pressurized fluid into their eyes, then releases two laser-like projectiles that deal superior damage.


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