Basic Information:

Use Vampire Mask On standless to get this spec

Use a pot platinum diary on it to get sonic.


(PASSIVE) - Vampire

The user slowly regenerates health every second.

E - MUDA Barrage


R - Heavy Punch

The user does a superhuman punch, dealing heavy damage.

T - Space Ripper Stingy Eyes

The user charges pressurized fluid into their eyes, then releases two laser-like projectiles that deal superior damage.

Y - Blood Suck

The user reaches out and sucks their opponent’s blood, dealing damage and healing themself.

F - Vaporization Freezing Technique

The user reaches in front of them with both of their hands. Whoever gets hit by this move is dealt an extremely high amount of damage and is sent flying forward.

V - Vampiric Dash

The user does a quick dash, covering a decent amount of ground.

Z - Vampiric Leap

The user leaps up high into the air.

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