Obtained By using an Aja Mask on Kars.

[Passive A: Regeneration of a speed of an pillar man, takes less damage from hamon users]

LMB - Fire Fist

Your standard LMB punch which also applies a burning effect onto the opponent dealing 33 damage.

Q - Ultimate Wings
Your arms turn into large black wings, enabling you to fly at outstanding speed for an undetermined amount of time.

E - Ultimate Barrage
You perform a fast barrage doing 5 damage per hit, capable of killing a Gold Experience user in 2 seconds.

R - Strong Hamon Strike

You do a strong punch infused with potent Hamon. Deals an 80 damage as well as leaving a burning effect that does 10 damage total on the opponent.
H - Rock Shell Defense

You surround your arms with a hard crab shell, reducing all incoming damage from attacks for 5-ish seconds.

T - Ultimate Light Blade

Blasts a White Blade of light at the opponent doing 35 damage. (Same as Kars)

F - Armadillo Shell Burst

You fire off around 5 armadillo shells, dealing 25 damage each hit. Can get most stands to red health. GODLY damage if all are hit.

B - Ultimate Rotation Strike

Kars' F but also applies a burning effect on your opponent. Deals 85 damage

(Note: If you pose, you will get a BIG speed buff)

V - Ultimate Dash

Same as Kars' V move

Z - Ultimate Leap

Same as Kars' Z move, also similar to most stand's stand leaps except different audio's play when this is used than most stands.


R + T or F (EASY)

H + E + R + T + B if you want to overkill (MEDIUM)

E + R +T + B + H + E + T B (loop) (extreme)

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