This Stand can be obtained via using Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum (Prime).

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[Passive : True Power]

This stand deals more damage with its moves than Star Platinum.


E - True ORA! Barrage

True Star Platinum charges forward to its opponent, throwing a ton of punches in a short amount of time dealing decent damage to the enemy.

R - True ORA! Strike

True Star Platinum throws a hard punch, knocking the enemy far back and dealing a great amount of damage.

T - True Star Finger

True Star Platinum stretches its fingers forward, impaling the enemy and dealing a superior amount of damage as well as ragdoll.

Y - "IGGY!"

True Star Platinum launches Iggy through the air, dealing an amazing amount of damage upon contact.

F - "I was the one who stopped time..."

True Star Platinum charges up and stops time for a short amount of time, letting you beatdown your enemy while they are left defenseless.

H - Star Grab

True Star Platinum lunges forward towards the enemy, grabbing them and pulling them to where you are while dealing above average damage. This is a good move for starting combos, however it is unable to be used in enemy timestops.

H + In Timestop - Timestop Movement

True Star Platinum uses its energy to move in stopped time for 3 seconds, buying you some time to do some damage to the enemy who stopped time.

V - Star Vortex

True Star Platinum sucks in the air infront of you, effectively creating a vacuum that pulls in your enemies. Another great move for starting combos, however you will be unable to jump for a short amount of time after using this move.

J - "What you have done can't be paid back with money!"

True Star Platinum lunges forward yet again, throwing a quick punch. If it makes contact with the enemy, TSP will then pull them towards you and perform the 3 Page Ora, finishing the beatdown off with another heavy punch that is almost sure to kill anyone who is within it.

Note: The J move has no cooldown and can be immediately used once you spawn in, however it is only usable once per life.

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