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Originally was obtained by using Ornstein's Spear on KC:AU. It is now unobtainable. If you use spear on KC:AU now, you will lose the spear

Cool Shiny of KC:AU based off the Music Make You Lose Control meme.

E - Heavy Thrust

TFKC:AU throws a heavy punch which deals an average amount of damage and good knockback.

R - Damaging Combo

TFKC:AU does 3 hits, dealing major damage if all three hit.

T - Epitaph

TFKC:AU activates its sub-stand, allowing it to dodge attacks for up to 5 seconds. Does not work on GER and OHs however.

Y - Heart Strike

TFKC:AU grabs the opponent and strikes their heart, dealing godly damage.

F - Alternate Time Erasure

TFKC:AU erases time for up to 5 seconds, allowing you to attack freely within it using every move except Y.

G- Do pose that playing music and do dance :O

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