STAND -「The World (OVA)」- Obtained via Stand Arrows with a 2% chance

or using Shiny arrow on The World - (1/50 chance)

"You are next."

Evolve Forms

(LMB + Dio's Diary = The World: OVA Over Heaven)

(LMB + Vampire Mask = The World: Greatest High)

(LMB + Dio's Skull = Dio's The World (OVA) )


E - MUDA Barrage

The World (OVA) throws a bunch of fast-paced punches with intense damage. Not much to say, but this is quite powerful.

R - Heavy Punch

The World (OVA) strikes a strong punch.

T - Knife Throw

The World (OVA) throws a knife.

F - Time Stop

The World (OVA) stops time for 7 seconds.

Y + Cursor on target - Time Smite

The World (OVA) quickly teleports behind the opponent and deals high damage.

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