Basic Information:

The World: Greatest High (TW: GH) is a stand which can be obtained by using a Vampire Mask on The World OVA. The World OVA is gotten by using a Shiny Arrow on The World with a 1/10 chance (For people editing, the chance of getting a shiny is changed depending on the stand). This stand is portrayed as a black and purple "The World" with all secondary parts red, including the eyes.

Moves and Attacks

[PASSIVE A: Vampirism - Because you are a vampire, you regenerate exponentially faster than a regular human, this is one of the only stand which can naturally regenerate health]

E - Vampiric MUDA Barrage TW: GH throws a bunch of fast-paced punches with intense damage. Not much to say, but this is quite powerful. Deals 5.5 damage each hit and plays the MUDA! barrage that DIO did to Joseph Joestar before throwing a knife at his neck.

R - MUDA Strike TW: GH charges up a heavy punch and throws it at the opponent, dealing a good 32.5 damage and some knockback.

T - Knife Throw You throw a knife at someone. Doesn't deal much damage, but gives you the advantage of having a projectile. You can spam this attack in timestop though.

Y - Blood Suck You reach out your hand and stab it into someone, sucking out their blood, and healing you. This deals around 35 damage. (Vampiric Move)

F - "ZA WARUDO! TOMONI TOKIO!" Your usual time stop, lasts up to 9 seconds.

B - Vaporization Freezing Technique You reach out both hands, stabbing your opponent with them and encasing them in ice. You will then shatter the ice, dealing an amazing amount of damage and a good amount of knockback. (Vampiric Move)

J - 7 seconds have passed!: TW: GH jumps into the air after stopping time and after 2 seconds, comes charging down with a steamroller, screaming "ROADA ROLLA DA!". This move is bound to kill if the victim doesn't block. This move plays the sounds and lines from the final episode of JJBA: Stardust Crusaders.

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