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STAND - The World Alternate Universe - unusual in the arrow. Rarity: 0.1-updated status

”This is where the fun begins!”


E - Barrage

An extremely powerful barrage, which does 5.5 dmg per hit with medium cool down

R - Heavy Punch

A decent punch that knocks enemies away, good for finishing combos with a medium cool down

T - 3 Knife throws

Throws a 3 knife volley, good for keeping enemies away from you with a low cool down-good dmg

Y- Revolver

Shoots a revolver with low cool down, good at keeping your enemies away from you, also penetrates people

F - Time stop (Medium)

Stops time for approx 9 seconds with a long cool down

H - Kick

Kicks your enemies into the air, good for starting combos with a medium cool down

P - Admin Smite

Kicks your enemies far into the void just like an Admin Stands power

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