STAND -「The World」 -At least a 2-3 percent chance from getting when using a stand arrow.

Evolve Forms

(LMB + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World)

(LMB + Shiny Arrow = The World (OVA) 1% Chance)

(LMB + Star = Luigi World)

(LMB + Dio's Diary = The World Over Heaven)

(LMB + Dio's skull= Dio's The World)



The World throws a bunch of fast-paced punches with intense damage. It has a 50 percent chance to either be a kick or punch barrage, but the only difference is that the kick barrage hits players that are ragdolled or are on the ground.

R - Heavy Punch

The World strikes charges it's right fist back for a second, then dealing good knockback and damage to the target. This also ragdolls the target.

T - Knife Throw

The World throws a knife that deals piercing damage. The estimated damage is 15 per knife. Usually the knife cooldown is 3 seconds, but when you use Timestop, this move has no cooldown, similar to The World OH's knife throws in TS (Thanks Luis. You are the best when you added no cooldown for knives in TS). There is also a so-called "glitch" in after the ts and you keep throwing knives, the no cooldown is still applied, only in a certain number of time.

F - Time Stop

The World stops time for 05-06 seconds, in which the user does a Star Platinum TS animation and the user will yell, "Za Warudo! Toki yo Tomare!". This has a cooldown of about almost a minute, at least 40-59 seconds. If you do a attack in TS on a target, the damage will "stack" until time resumes. You can throw knives in ts with no cooldown.Prepare to see toxic when using this attack.

Y + Cursor on target - Time Smite

The World quickly teleports behind the opponent and heavy punches the target. This does very good damage (50 damage) and knocks down the target and ragdolls them.

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