This is a trading page for all the people who wanna trade online. This is not a place where you try and clown trade people.

Please don't scam others. Here is some scams so you can avoid them easily.

  1. Just a regular scam where the scammer tells you to put your offer in first but only for them to run way with your offer.
  2. The item scam is where you trade and the person says they put in items to make it better so they trade but don't give the items.
  3. Friend betrayal scams are scams that you probably fall for. Its where someone tries to befriend you just to get your items or stands. For example someone might try to friend you to earn your trust. Then they might say can i borrow your stand? Then you might say yes because you trust your friend only to unfriend you and run away with your stand. If you are ever scammed don't forget you can tell the dev to ban the player
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