How to get there

Using Ultimate Lifeform Q

Using Solar One More Time Z

Using Sonic(.exe) F


On TORNADO98765's and Denzee's Soviet Island which is North and a little left of the direction you are facing when you spawn in the Farming Zone


It is a small cabin with no windows, it is made of wood and has a wood plank floor that shows out of the logs. Inside the cabin there is a chair made of wood and another chair with a wood table. It also has a person sitting on the left seat with a name called Interrogation Man. Outside right next to the door there is a Noob holding his arms up holding a sign that says: TORNADO and Blank's COMMUNIST CABIN. The noob's name is "help." There is also a sign outside saying: TORNADO98765's and Denzee's Soviet Island. The final part is a dog house that is fully brown. It has windows too.


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