"Arrivederci..." -Bruno Bucciarati

How to obtain:

Obtainable by using Arrow with a 1%-0.5% chance. Super rare lolz. this prob gets sonic and better from my research


E - Zipper Barrage

Sticky Finger does a barrage and deal a good amount of damage.

R - Zipper Punch

Sticky Fingers punches and create a zipper on the enemy body,deal good amount of damage

T- Zipper Launch

Sticky fingers launches fist with zippers, dealing a good amount of damage with a big range to your enemies.

F - Limb Detachment

Sticky Fingers punches enemy and belows them with damage blows enemy limbs from their body with short amount of time.

V - Zipper Teleport

Sticky Fingers uses zippers and teleports wherever your cursor points at.

Z - Zipper Glide

Sticky Fingers jumps to air, when you land, you glide on the ground with zipper that deals good damage and stuns on contact.

Passive - Zipper man

You create a zipper every time you hit someone, doing extra damage. 

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