"Uhh..." -Steve "where is your hair, SteVe

Basic Information

steve:give me your hair.....HEROBRINE FORM DIE

Steve Platinum is another rare Minecraft Variant. It’s Star Platinum Over Heaven but it looks like the default Minecraft skin, Steve. The Y skill, however, is like the Y skill of Crazy Diamond. This stand can been obtained by using DIO's Diary on Creeper Queen.


E + Hold - Ascended ORA Barrage

Channels his wood punching skills and throws a barrage of punches dealing as much damage as Over Heaven/Retro Over Heaven stands.

R - Ascended ORA Strike

Charges a punch as powerful as a Charged Creeper Explosion and deals an incredible amount of damage (about 50).

T - Reality Overwrite

Charges a powerful punch enough to obliterate diamond ore (takes about 2 seconds) and strikes the opponent with a powerful punch dealing around 87.5 damage.

Y - Obsidian Wall

Make a wall made out of obsidian to block all attacks and stays for a long period of time. (Same exact move as Crazy Diamond but does not last long)

F - Timestop

Stops Time for 10 seconds.

(NOTE: Gold Experience Requiem can cancel this move.)

This used to be infinite.

X - Block

Steve Platinum decreases the amount of incoming damage dealt. Using this will prevent you from attacking, but you can still move with it.

H - Ground Pound

Steve Platinum arcs his body, slamming his fist into the ground. This move does high damage.

V - Ghast Fireball

Steve Platinum chucks a Ghast fireball in one direction. This move does medium damage.

(NOTE: You can use Timestop to line up the fireball.)

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