STAND - Star Platinum OVA - Obtained via Stand Arrows with a 1% chance or Star Platinum + Shiny Arrow (1/20 or 5% chance aprox

"Your judge shall be my stand."

(Pot Platinum's Diary = Jotaro's star platinum (OVA))

(LMB + Dio's Diary = Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven)


E - ORA Barrage

Star Platinum throws a big series of punches, damaging it's opponents with such power but weak punches untill it evloves into Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven and speed that even diamond breaks to this stand's fists.

R - Heavy Punch

Star Platinum powers up a huge hit that breaks people's skulls. His power is immense.

T - Star Finger

Star Platinum extends it's fingers by 1.5 meters. This is honestly underrated.

F - Time stop

Star Platinum stops time for 6 seconds in which he has to act in.

H - Time stop movement

Star Platinum uses it's ability of time-stop to MOVE in someone else's time-stop, lasts for 2-3 seconds.

(Note: You must be in time-stop for it to work)

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