Rare spawn from arrows (1%) Or Shiny Arrow on Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) (0.5%)

Used by Jotaro Kujo in Part 4. Tier B and high demand

E - Swift Ora Barrage: Star Platinum barrages the opponent for 5.5 damage per hit.

R- Heavy Ora Punch: Star Platinum heavy punches the opponent for about 50 damage.

T- Flick Pellet: Star Platinum takes a bullet and flicks it, dealing 25 damage to anyone it hits)

H- Time Stop Movement (The user can move in stopped time for 3-4 seconds)

Y- Time Smite (Star Platinum stops time, walks up to the user, and punches his stomach, dealing 60 damage)

F- Star Platinum: The World! (Star Platinum stops time for 5-8 seconds)

J- Last Ora (Star Platinum grabs the opponent, doing a very strong barrage and ending it with a heavy punch. Can kill any stand unless they are blocking. You have to use Star Platinum: The World! (Timestop) first to use this move)

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