STAND -「Star Platinum: Over Heaven」- Star Platinum + Dio's Diary.

"You can't pay back what you owe with money."


E - Ascended ORA Barrage

after 2 to 3 seconds SP:OH goes in front of the user then starts a barrage of punches to deal CRAZY damage.

R - Ascended Heavy Punch

SP:OH does a heavy punch that deals very good damage.

T - Reality Overwrite

SP:OH holds his fist back(kinda like charging it up) and after a few seconds,releases a punch that deals CRAZY damage.

Y - Heal

SP:OH gets in front of the user, but instead of damaging, he's actually healing whoever he's throwing the punches at. Must feel like heaven to be hit by gentle punches from SP:OH

B+Y - Self Heal

SP:OH gets in front of the user again, turns to the user and starts charging hits at the user, healing the user.

F - Ascended Time Stop

SP:OH stops time for 10 seconds.

H - Ground Slam

SP:OH charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast.

V - Star Blast

SP:OH charges it's right arm, and lets out a giant star blast that hits anyone in the way, if it damages ANYONE, it will wipe out about 30% of their HP. kinda op huh?

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