"Fall of your horse"

You can obtain spin by talking To Gyro while you are using standless and it will cost you 50k 

Abdm spin.png

「PASSIVE A」 - Spinning Blood
The player will passively regenerate health.

Skills :

(Q - Spin Strike) The user charges up their spin into their right arm, and strikes it down upon their target, dealing a superior amount of damage.

(E / R - Taste My Steel Balls!) The user chucks a steel ball from either their left or right hand (E meaning their left and R meaning their right) that can be aimed in direction you facing. Once a ball connects, it will deal moderate damage to the target.

(T - Spin Infused Jab) Similar to its Q, the user shoves their fist forward and plunges it into the opponent, spinning their insides while also delivering an incredible blow!

(F - Spin Shotgun!) This is it, your final move, show em what you can do! The user unleashes 5 steel balls and throws all of them at once, each doing superior damage!

(Z - Spin Powered Leap) Similar to a stand jump, the user pushes themselves forwards using their spin technique.

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