How to Obtain

This spec was obtainable by using a Solar Diary in One More Time, the Solar Diary became unobtainable not long ago and this ability has been trade-locked meaning you cannot get it from trading. However if you still have a Solar Diary in your bank you're still able to use it on One More Time to get this.


Maximum Endurance: As long as you have HP left, you can't be knocked over.

An eye for an eye: You deal 5% more damage to Oni users.

Slipity Do Da Slipity Dee: You have a small chance of making people slide after a normal punch, only works on evolved stands and doesn't work on Over Heaven Stands.

It gets better with time: You heal at a slow pace, but it's still faster than normal healing.

The Speed of the Sun's Light: You have a 0.1 second cooldown on a normal punch.


LMB: A punch that deals decent damage.

E - Barrage: The user will start barraging, dealing decent damage. "Tom & Jerry" theme will start playing when you use this move.

R - Heavy Punch: The user charges their right fist for a moment and punches the foe, ragdolling and doing 30 damage with decent knockback. This is very good in pvp due to the ragdoll.

T - Implosion: The user screams like Tom, dealing damage and ragdolling nearby players, this has more range than One More Time's implosion and also ragdolls them for longer.

Z - Drill Glide: The user starts spinning rapidly making them move faster, if you make contact with a player while using this move you'll deal 5 damage. You're able to glide for a lot of time, so you can fly around the map freely.

E + Tap - Double Hit: The user will do a shortened barrage, useful for combos.

Z + Tap - Drill Jump: The user spins for a very short amount of time, making them go foward and dealing 5 damage when touching a player.

C - Roll: The user will roll foward, making it easier to approach your enemy.


Z + T (Try hitting the enemy multiple times with Z) Easy

T + C + R (Use the roll to get to the enemy faster if needed and use your Heavy Punch) Easy

E + T + C + R (Avoid using the barrage for too long) Medium

R + Z + T (Use the Glide to get closer to your target, then use Implosion) Easy

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