"When my bubbles pop, they take something away from you."

Soft & Wet is a humanoid Stand of a streamlined, robotic form similar height to Josuke. Obtainable by using Arrow with a 4% chance


Name Description Damage Cooldown
[E] - ORA BARRAGE Soft And Wet starts throwing tons of leg kicks, while screaming Ora! Medium - High damage p/Kick 5 seconds.
[R] - HEAVY ORA KICK Soft and Wet does a spin kick dealing heavy damage Medium - High damage 10 seconds.
[T] - PLUNDER Throws a bubble into the opponents eyes. Low damage, Blinds opponent 5/secs 10 seconds.
[Y] - PLUNDER THROW Throws a bubble that makes the opponent slow taking away friction Little damage, opponents have higher knockback ~10 seconds.
[F] - BUBBLE TRAP Throws a bubble at the player and levitates them a little. High damage, lock opponents in place. 30 seconds.
[X] - BLOCK Creates a bubble around you blocking and suppressing damage done to you. No damage, but you will be slowed during the move. ~4 seconds.
[Z] - BUBBLE JUMP Creates a bubble around you and increases your movement speed and jump height. No damage, use this move to escape situations/travel 20 seconds.
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