LMB - Slash

The user slices their opponent dealing 15 damage.

E - Punch

The user punches their opponent with their left fist and does superior damage.

R - Sword Swing

The uses swings their sword and body around doing godly damage.

T - Kick

The user kicks the opponent into the air doing superior damage. This can be used to set up combos or kill the opponent with R

Quotes - This spec has no quotes.

Pose - This spec has no pose.

You can buy this spec at the shop for 100K

Picture of Shiny Sword or (Diamond Sword) B-Damage A-Speed B-Durability'

The Shiny Sword is an amazing spec mostly used by people that are good with PvP at close range.


+ R can deal at least half the opponent's health bar.

+ T can set up combos.

+ Left click can be spammed to deal godly damage in only a few slashes.

+ Will dominate any close range stands.


- Has a really hard time getting close to deal damage.

- No ranged moves.

- Hard to get due to it's high price.

- Completely outclassed by zoners.

There is also a bug where you won't take any damage. It is unknown how it is caused, If you do know then please edit this.

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