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Shiny C-Moon (EVA) is (as the name suggests.) the shiny version of C-Moon. It resembles EVA-01 from EVANGELION. It shares the same SFX and Moves as C-Moon but plays EVANGELION's main theme when posing.


  • This stand cannot evolve into Made On Hallows Eve.
  • Shiny C-Moon (EVA) shares similar design and features to A Modded Day's EVA, a shiny stand obtainable from Arrows.
  • This C-Moon shares the same rework as the non-shiny C-Moon and the same move's as ABD's C-Moon


Name Description Damage Cooldown
Surface Inversion Barrage
C-Moon barrages the target, packing a devastating punch in each hit at a fast speed. It is also very hard to escape. While using this move the user cannot be ragdolled.

Note: While using the barrage, you will not get slower or gain a defense boost.

Superior Strength
5 damage per punch
Gravitational Strike
C-Moon strikes the target with incredible force, sending them backed away from where they were hit. It's weak when it first hits but deals additional damage a few seconds later. It also has a chance to do an unknown effect. If used with a counter, the second hit will still work.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
7.5 seconds
Greater Gravity Inversion
C-Moon manipulates the gravity in a larger radius around its user, sending anyone nearby flying upward, additionally dealing a superior amount of damage. If someone blocks this move, they don't get sent flying upward.

Note: There is a bug that causes this move to only be able to launch targets in one direction

Superior Damage 50 to 74 damage
25 seconds
Localized Time Acceleration
C-Moon manipulates the gravity around its user, allowing them to move faster and jump much higher.
No Damage
30 seconds
3KM Gravity Shift
After a long windup, C-Moon smashes the ground, creating a light beam. After that, the entire server's gravity will be altered, everyone's jump height and speed are increased, the screen will get greenish and the background music will get slower. This move lasts for 18 seconds and has 45 seconds of cooldown. The user will have increased movement speed.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem and shortened by Made in Heaven, but even if it's canceled the user still has increased movement speed.

45 seconds
Prime Number Counting/Counter
The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this, you will teleport behind the attacker and punch them once, then the attacker starts floating in the air. Then when they land, it will deal an incredible amount of damage. This move now works on Over Heaven users.

Note: Does not work against projectiles (For example, Knives from The World or gun bullets from D4C) and Gold Experience Requiem users. If the attacker uses a barrage against you during this, the damage stacks up and will be enough to instantly kill the attacker. If you are hit by something that this move cannot counter, the damage is reduced.

Superior Damage
50 to 74 damage
20 seconds
Heart Inversion
While 3KM Gravity Shift is active, C-Moon punches the target's heart once, flipping it over with gravity dealing pitiful damage. After a moment, they receive incredible damage from their heart being inverted.
Pitiful Damage
9 damage and under (Before Inversion)

Incredible Damage
75 to 99 damage (After Inversion)
30 seconds
Gravitational Dodge
C-Moon's user jumps backward using a gravity pulse. You can do this move without having your stand out.
No Damage
Gravitational Dash
C-Moon shifts gravity to levitate its user forward. Be careful when using this, because you could be hit.
No Damage
3 seconds
Low Gravity Stand Jump
A normal stand jump, but with higher mobility and more options to jump.
No Damage
10 seconds
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