STAND - Shadow The World - Vampiric The World + Camera.

"You are watching me...Aren't you?"

Basic Information

Shadow The World is a stand that can be obtained by using a Camera on Vampiric The World. It is based off of the anime The World from Stardust Crusaders, where we see the World for the 1st time. The moveset is based off the Jojo Arcade game: Jojoban/ Heritage for The Future.


(Q - Knife Throw | Knife Wall in TS)

You throw one knife, dealing piercing damage. The single knife throw damage is 12.5. In Timestop, you can throw 6 knives with the help of your stand. Knife Wall can do at least 75 damage or more if all knives hit.

(E - Shadow Uppercut)

Shadow The World manifests briefly to do a uppercut to the target. This has good knockback with good damage.

(R - Shadow Combo | The World 21)

Shadow The World manifests and does 3 punches to a target, dealing good damage and can stun a player. Good for starting combos.

(T - Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)

The user leans their head to the back a little and charge up laser beams through by channeling pressurized liquids. Then they lean to the front, unleashing purple laser beams from the eyes.

(Y - Flesh Buds)

The user leans down, and 2 flesh buds appear from your back. This has a good hitbox like Star Platinum's Star Finger. If the target gets hit by a flesh bud, they have to face piercing damage. A flesh bud mind-controlling bug appears in the target's torso.

(F - The World's Unknown Ability!)

The user stops time briefly for 2-3 seconds. You can now throw 6 knives in a random wall pattern when you press Q.

(H - “Are you really trying to shoot me?”)

The user holds out a book (model of DIO's diary) and a glass of wine. Unknown if it will hit the player who hitted the user or not.

(V - Time Stop Teleport)

The user stops time very briefly, and "teleports" them to a location. You have to point the location using your mouse cursor.

(B - Blood Suck)

Shadow the World jabs it's hand into the enemy's neck and sucks blood from them, healing 30 hp.


T+E (Easy)

Y+E (Easy)

B+E (Easy)

B+R+E (Medium)

F+T+Q (Medium)

F+Q+Q (Medium)

F+E+Q+T (Hard)

F+Q+E+B (Hard)

F+Q+E+T (Hard)

F+Q+R+E+Q (Insane)

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