This Stand is only available to the Youtuber ShadowNetwork.

X - BLOCK Shadow Network and Net creates a bubE - ORA BARRAGE


Shadow Network And Wet starts throwing tons of leg kicks, while screaming Ora! This move is extremely op and can wipe out the tankiest of stands.

R - HEAVY ORA KICK Shadow Network and Wet does a spin kick dealing DEADLY damage.

T - SPAMMABLE PLUNDER Shadow Network and Wet throws a bubble which deals SUPER GOOD damage, while blinding them as well. Spammable too.

F - BUBBLE DEATHTRAP Shadow Network and Wet throws a deadly bubble which deals DEADLY damage, and traps the opponent in a bubble, blinding the opponent.ble around the user, and the bubble makes him unkillable.

Z - BUBBLE JUMP Creates a bubble around Shadow that increases his movement speed and jump height.

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