Obtained via using a Bone on King Crimson: Alternate Universe.

A shiny of KC:AU, constantly plays the Oof remix of Megalovania regardless of whether SC:AU is out. Also gives you a cool blue eye.

E - Heavy Chop Sans Crimson: Alternative Universe throws a heavy punch which deals average damage and good knockback.

R - Damaging Combo Sans Crimson: Alternative Universe does 3 hits, dealing major damage if all three hit.

T - Epitaph Sans Crimson: Alternate Universe activates its sub-stand, predicting all incoming attacks for up to 5 seconds. Makes you immune to all attacks except GER and OHs.

Y - Heart Eater Sans Crimson: Alternative Universe grabs its opponent and strikes rips out their heart and eats it, replenishing your health and dealing good damage.

F - Alternate Time Erasure: Sans Crimson: Alternative Universe erases time for up to 5 seconds, however you are able to attack using every move except Y within it. Damage only occurs after TE ends.

V - Time Skip Teleport: The user skips time and teleports a small distance forwards. This can be used to go through wals

Extra Info

Was A Sans Version Now Is Papyrus Version

SCAU Plays The Music Called Disbelief Papyrus Phase 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbLJOfDXuIc

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