SPEC - 「Samurai」 - Standless + Samurai Diary.

Basic Information

Samurai is a close ranged spec that can be obtained by using Samurai Diary on Standless.His passive grants him more speed.


「Passive」 - Dexterous

This passive grants samurai more speed.


The player slashes their sword to do a good amount of damage.

E - Blossom Breaker

The Samurai puts his katana to his resting place for some milliseconds, charging his powers and then takes the Samurai sword out and makes an a white slice aura that goes in front of him, which can slice through multiple opponents.

Samurai Blossom Breaker.gif

R - Sharp Strike

The Samurai charges a fast hit, and slices into his opponent's heart, pushing them away. This deals unusual damage compared to his regular click.

Samurai Sharp Strike.gif

T - Sense Enhancement

The player sharpens their senses and is granted a much higher walk speed.

Samurai Sence Enhancement.gif

F - Petal Cleave of Will O Wisp

The Samurai charges all his powers, and strikes at the speed of light at his opponent, anyone getting hit will show a Japanese sign, then get thunder sliced, dealing superior damage.

Samurai Thunder Slice.gif

X - Samurai's Shield

The Samurai uses his powers to create a forcefield around him, he cannot move during this, but he has the strongest shield anyone will ever have.

Samurai Samurai Shield.gif

C - Samurai Dash

The player dashes forward a great distance.Good for dodging.

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