(Passive A) - Im not that slow, you know.

This stand grants access to move freely in a time stop.

(passive B) - This stops now.

This stand can freeze time.


  1. This stand is an admin stand and is unobtainable for a regular player.
  2. Sally Platinum appears to resemble some sort of Roblox guest will glowing red wristbands.
  3. Sally Platinum had only been obtained by a regular player by doing a showcase and was traded back after like I said, it is unobtainable to a regular player.


"Some say this is the best stand of all"

All attacks from this stand bypass everything.

E - Barrage

Sally Platinum throws a very fast barrage that inflicts infinite damage every punch.

R - Heavy Punch

Sally Platinum throws a heavy punch, like most other stand/specs. Inflicts infinite damage.

T - kick punch

Sally Platinum charges up a punch that kicks the player from the game. The only way you can come back if hit by this move is rejoining.

Y - Self heal

Sally Platinum charges up a heal punch that restores all of their health to the user.

F - Time Stop

Sally Platinum stops time for an forever. If a GER attempts to RTZ, Sally Platinum can just time stop again.

H - Return to Zero

Sally Platinum and the user pose while floating in the air. Anybody who hits them while die. Also, anybody who tries to time stop or time erase will get killed.

J + Cursor on target - Time Stop

Sally Platinum teleports behind the target, insta-killing them.

Sally Platinum tosses a big iggy, which inflicts infinite damage.

B - Kick

Sally Platinum kicks the opponent, flinging them into the sky.

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