This page is to say about all deleted or removed content from the game, this can be items, stands or NPCs.

-Mario Over The Universe: Removed due to glitches of having it for infinite time, and having the same power of an admin stand, it MAY come back as a nerfed version, but it's highly unlikely

-Pumpkin: This item was removed in it's 2 days of being in the game because it's respective event (Hallow's World) ended. This would transform The World into Hallow's World, a buffed and halloweeny version of The World.

-Megumin Queen: I'm pretty sure this was removed because Megumin moved on to make A Bootleg's Day. If you know what happened, edit this part of the page and explain more.

-AdminisratorDragon's Son: AdminDragon asked for this NPC to be removed, and Sally and the others went ahead and removed it, it's quotes are on the Trello(Which is actually really good, you should check it out, sally and the others did a great job).

-Party Hat: While this item says it's obtainable again, this is a complete lie. This item is still removed from the game and won't come back until the next visit special happens.

-Clown Crimson: While the stand wasn't deleted, it's way of obtaining was. This is because people would boost the discord server (again, join it.) and then unboost, completely ruining the purpose of the stand.

-Hat Queen: This is only on here because it no longer appears on the trello.

-Oreo World: Was deleted for abuse from the admin which wielded it. The admin was banned and the stand was deleted

Binary Pot Platinum: The explanation for this is pretty vague on the trello, so I will assume it was the same reason Oreo World was removed.

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