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Purple Haze is a stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 5. It can be obtained through the stand arrow.

[PASSIVE] Capsule System: Purple Haze has 6 Capsules containing deadly viruses, the Capsules can be seen in Purple Haze's Hand. Poisoned Grab, Killer Infection are moves that waste 1 Capsule. Poison Bubble wastes 3 capsules. If the user is out of Capsules for a determined move, Purple Haze will not use the moves in need of the required capsules.

[E] Barrage: Purple Haze unleashes a furious 32 punch barrage. At the end of the barrage, it performs a quick strong punch. This move has start lag which means it will play an animation before the barrage. This move makes you and the enemy your hitting slower, making it very hard to escape. Once you activate this move, you can’t stop it until the animation finishes.

[R] Poisoned Grab: Purple Haze grabs its opponent and poisons them. The poison damage is 6 per second for a total of 15 seconds. This move is also able to bypass counter moves, due to it not doing any damage on impact.

Note: Every time you use this move, it spends 1 capsule to poison the target. This move will change to a regular heavy punch when you are out capsules.

[T] Killer Infection: Purple Haze shoots a poison capsule. After some time, it will create a bubble. If someone is inside the bubble, they will take poison damage. The poison damage is '6 per second.' This move also requires one poison ammo capsule, which links back to the passive.

[Y] Poison Vaccine: Purple Haze gives the target a vaccine. If you have it, you do not take damage from poison moves. When using this move, it will play a high pitched version of the medkit sound from Half-Life 2.

[F] Poisoned Bubble: Purple Haze slams the ground and creates a bubble, larger than the one when using Killer Infection. Everyone will also get slowed down making it hard to escape. The poison damage is '6 per second.' for 72 seconds. Requires 3 capsules. When you use this move it starts to play Fugo's theme: (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind OST - Fugo theme)

[H] Poisonous Rage: The user's walkspeed and jump power are slightly increased and your barrage's damage and cooldown is improved slightly.This will also make you invincible while this mode is active and regen a capsule every 5 seconds

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