How to obtain

This stand is only obtainable via tournament, giveaway, and trading.

"its been so long..."

Basic Information

Bootleg Purple Guy (BPG for short), is a stand based on the meme "The Man Behind the Slaughter". It can be obtained via giveaway, tournament, and trading. It is one of the most valued stands in the game. It has been duplicated many times, so be careful when trading for this stand.

E - Murderous Barrage

Bootleg Purple Guy barrages forward dealing an unknown amount of damage

R - Spring locking pain

Bootleg Purple Guy lunges forward and marks the opponent with a bomb, once R is reactivated, the opponent explodes, dealing 60 damage.

F - "Party Trick"

Bootleg Purple Guy Lunges forward and marks the opponent with a bomb, once F is re-pressed, everyone around that player within a 20 meter radius blows up, dealing 40 damage.

G - Pose

Bootleg Purple Guy's original pose music was "The Living Tombstone - Its Been So Long" from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but was deleted by Copyright, and replaced by the song "Dick Walter - Playground Of The Stars".

Y - Coin Throw

Bootleg Purple Guy throws a projectile, once it hits the opponent, you can press Y/R to detonate it. (Broken As Of Now)

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