Primitive.... You can obtain this by using Vampire Mask 2 Times with Unknown chances

E- Pillarman Rush- White Barrage like Vampire

R- Rib Blades- Puts spikes on the users chest hitting people close to you dealing great damage with knockback which put the player in ragdoll

RobloxScreenShot20200621 172755598.png

T- Headshake - This is like a Pose which the head of the user nods left to right, using this with f will make you see the inside of the body you have invaded

H- Heightened Senses- Boosts you in 1 seconds and have nametag esp for everyone in the server

F- Meat Invade- Goes inside a player, boss, or dummy's body and when leaving it does some good damage (SOMETIMES SLAMS YOU INTO THE GROUND AND SOMETIMES TELPORTS UNDER THE MAP)

X- Block- User Blocks all attacks if you hold it

V- Pillar Dash- Similar to the Vampire Dash

B- Pillarman Blood Suck- Also Similar to the Bloodsuck skill of Vampire but better. The user uses two arms to bloodsuck  instead of one

Z- Pillar Jump- A jump similar to vampire's but it goes in a more upward direction instead of forward

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