Ornstein's Spear allow you to use with The World Over Heaven into EVA-01.

=== It also used to be able to turn King Crimson: Alternate Universe into Triangle Flushed KC:AU. (This was confirmed by a TFKC:AU user I

The World Over Heaven > EVA-01

King Crimson: Alternate Universe > Triangle Flushed KC:AU (REMOVED)

If you used Spear on King Crimson, It would have given Triangle Crimson Alternate Universe. Now, it can only be given by admins VIA Tournament victory.

Ornstein's Spear has a 1/25 chance of spawning every hour.

Due to 2x event, the spawn rate is 30 minutes with 1/25 chance.

Also an rare item that turns into B+ rated stand EVA-01

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