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Oni is a class that specializes in dealing mass amounts of damage before the opponent has a chance to react, as well as reliance on I-frames to avoid being hit.

How to Obtain

  • Max out the Akuma super-class.
  • 60 Grips (40 more after Akuma, 30 Soul Rips if you are a Dinakeri)
  • Defeat the Lava Snake, you do not need a serpent fang.
  • Talk to Big Hoss in the tundra, each skill costs 350 silver. (1400 Total 1500 with armor) (You must be careful, get anything he needs before you talk to him because he will throw you off the cliff if you don’t meet the requirements. If you don't meet the requirements Big Hoss is going to call you garbage and give you the big toss off the cliff. there is a howler spawn down there so its recomended to bring a Feather feet.)



  • Demon Flip - Flip forwards and attack the opponent. There are two versions.
    • M1 (Demon Flip) - has iframes for the duration (you are immune to damage), hits once, and can be blocked.
    • M2 (Demon Flip) - does not have iframes, hits multiple times, and breaks block.
      • Demon Flip (M1) is easier to start combos with since you can't be attacked while doing it, but it is weaker. Demon Flip (M2) is better used to start high damage combos since it hits multiple times, you can also use Demon Flip (M2) to start a combo on someone who is blocking. Starting a combo with Demon Flip (M2) is riskier since enemies can hit you during it before you can hit them.
  • Axe Kick - Do a spinning axe kick that ragdolls those who are hit. This move has super-armor for its duration, meaning that you can take damage, but not be stunned during the animation. This does medium damage, and can instantly kill a person if they are low enough, similar to Shinobi's Owl Slash and the Assassin's Lethality. This move has a very unique guard breaking mechanic where hitting a blocking person with Axe Kick will not damage them but leave them unable to do anything for a short amount of time.
  • Demon Step - Glide forward and gain iframes during the duration. Using this move without mana will also do a punch along with the step. You can repeatedly use Demon Step by charging mana and repeatedly using it.


  • Misogi - If you manage to knock someone in the air with Rising Dragon you can re-equip it and press M2. The colors of your character will reverse while everything else becomes monochrome and a slow, low pitched, and distorted version of the demon step audio plays while your character jumps to the airborne enemy and punches them to the ground, doing very high damage, however you must be quick about this.


  • Combo Master: Your combos are extremely damaging, able to easily get someone low with a single combo.
  • Demon Step: Oni's most flexible, most iconic, and most powerful tool in his kit. Gives I-Frames, is spammable, an excellent mobility tool, wonderful punisher, the list goes on.
  • Tank Destroyer: Classes with slower attack speeds are a joke to fight, as you can I-frame during the middle of their combo.
  • Movestacking: Movestacking can be used to increase your combo damage.
  • Opal or Ruby enchant will absolutely obliterate a vampire player.
  • Gank Lord: A skilled Oni can take on multiple players at once due to their ability to quickly finish an enemy while dodging attacks.


  • Honest Fighter: Struggles against fighting multiple enemies at once.
  • Stubby: Oni still suffers from a lack of ranged attacks.
  • Low Ping Hungry: It depends on good ping to be effective since having bad ping makes landing combos difficult.
  • Armor: Oni armor (Ethan's Outfit) is way below par, giving only 1.3x health, +2 speed, and 1.25x fist damage. This makes Oni as squishy as Faceless, without the perks Night Lord's armor gives. The main reason people use Oni armor is the extra fist damage, but most Onis use Knight Lord's armor for extra health.


  • There is a Howler spawn at the bottom of the cliff.
  • If you lack chaotic or did not/fail to defeat the Lava Snake, Big Hoss will do the big toss and throw you into the Howler spawn mentioned in note one. Bring a feather feet and drink it before talking to him to be safe.
  • Demon flip's m1 attack has so many invincibility frames, that the Oni can just flip through the mage's Ignis/Gelidus. You can even easily demon step spam Fimbulvetr.
  • To get an idea of how much damage an Oni can truly do, a skilled Oni can obliterate and even one-shot an Ultra Spy with Silverguard, which is supposed to give them effectively 2x defense (basically near 300+ with Sigil Helmet on).
  • You can use Demon Step without mana, but it's not spammable, unless you keep re-equipping it. It makes up for this by including a punch with the animation, so this is a good way to counter stuff like bane by spinning in one place ( enemy will get hit, but you won't get any damage, cause i-frames ), and it is useful as an approach sometimes too.
  • Demon Step is Oni's most recognizable ability, and it is an insanely strong move if one understands it's full abilities.
  • Sigil Helmet is HIGHLY recommended to get with this class. Ethan's outfit doesn't give much health compared to other ultras, and with the helmet, it still doesn't have much HP.
  • Both trainers break the 4th wall, example includes Ethan claiming that you "can't press F", or Big Hoss telling you that he will go to McDonald's with the silver you pay him to teach you.
  • The classes Akuma and Oni are directly based on Akuma from the iconic fighting game series, Street Fighter. The Akuma and Oni trainers look very similar to Akuma, and the two classes have moves inspired by Akuma's.
  • You have to do 100% of the damage to the lava snake if someone just drops you a serpent fang it won't work and Big Hoss will throw you.
  • You do not have to keep the serpent fang on you whilst getting the skills if you die or lose it, you do not need to kill the serpent again.
  • If you talk to Big Hoss after learning all your skills you gain a necklace of wooden beads.
  • A recommended armour for Oni is Knight Lord armor as it supplies you with good health (1.55x Health Points but you will do less damage with your fists).
  • Recommended that you hold off on getting this class unless you are experienced within the games combat system as the combos for it can be extremely hard to land for new players.
  • Heavily recommended you practice a multitude of combos with this class in private servers before going onto actual PvP.
  • Bloodline Oni will 100-0 any class in gaia.
  • Using axe kick OR rising dragon right before a fall will negate abound 95% of fall damage. (ONLY IF YOU ARE WEARING ONI ARMOR)


  • (Ashiin oni combo) Demon flip m2-> Leg Breaker -> m1 x3-> Shoulder throw/ Rising Dragon move stack->Misogi-> Axe Kick
  • Demon Flip M2 -> M1 movestack Legbreaker -> m1 movestack goshoryu -> misogi -> demon step -> axe kick
  • M1x3 Leg Breaker -> Spin Kick -> Rising Dragon -> Demon Flip
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