STAND - Neo The World Alternative Universe - The World Alternative Universe + Shiny Arrow (1/15 chance)

”This is where the fun begins!” -Dio


E - Muda Barrage

NTWAU Starts A Series Of Punches During For 6 Or 5 Seconds.

R - Heavy Punch

NTWAU Give a Super Punch On a Enemy

T - 3 Knife throws

The user throw triple pair of knifes, dealing 12.5 damage per knife.

Y - Pistol

The user shoot the opponent dealing 30 damage.

F - Time stop

NTWAU time stop for 5 seconds.

H - High Kick

NTWAU kick the opponent dealing 32.5 damage.

Extra Info

NTWAU Plays as a Pose Music a EOH Results

The Creators Adds a new remodel more realistic.

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