Mario Platinum can be obtained by using a Star on Star Platinum



Name Description
E + Hold - Mario Barrage! Mario Platinum starts throwing fast paced punches in front of him, dealing 8.5 damage to whoever gets into his barrage. This barrage lasts for about 35 seconds.
R - Heavy Punch Mario Platinum charges up a heavy punch and throws it in front of him, damaging 60 damage to whoever is in front of him.
T - Mario Finger Extend Mario Platinum extends his finger a good distance in front of him, tripping whoever gets in front of him. Really useful for runners.
Y - Toad Throw Mario Platinum grabs a toad out of his pocket, and throws him in front of himself. Toad deals 65 damage per hit.
F - Mario's Timestop Mario Platinum stops time for about 5 seconds, and he can do anything during this stopped time. Gold Experience Requiem can cancel this though.
H - Timestop Movement Mario Platinum starts moving in stopped time for 3 seconds, being able to do stuff during it.


Mario Platinum represents the famous Nintendo Character - Mario.

It is the evolution of Star Platinum after using a Star on it. and the pose music is
super mario brothers super show intro


Destructive Power: S

Speed: S

Durability: S+ Mario Over The Universe is a stand that is currently cool. You can to be able to get it by using a Pot Platinum's Diary on Mario Platinum

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