"Mamma Mia!" - Mario

Mario Over The Universe (Cosmic Mario)


the stand is unobtainable. The duration of the stand would have been 5 minutes.

==Skills==. Passive - Almost all moves on MOTU have no cooldowns.

Click - A spammable click which deals infinite damage.

E - Cosmic Barrage

An infinite lasting barrage which deals infinite damage per hit. Spammable.

R - Cosmos Breaking Punch

A heavy punch which deals infinite damage and heavy knockback.

T - Cosmos Piercing Finger

MOTU extends its middle and index fingers out. Surprisingly deals a normal amount of damage.

F - Time Stop

MOTU charges up and stops time for about 10 seconds.

C - Spin

The user of MOTU is able to spam roll infinitely.

Z - Stand Jump

A normal height Stand Jump, however its spammable

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