How to obtain- Use a True Requiem Arrow on King Crimson I think it has a percent of not giving kcr to you.

"I will remain king!"

E- Barrage

Deals about 2 damage for every punch (I think) and lasts about 15 seconds

R- Strong punch

KCR Does a strong punch dealing about 35 damage knocking the player to the ground

T - Future vision

Make you immune to all attacks for 15 seconds, the only attacks you can use are Y and E

F - Time Erase

King Crimson Requiem erases time for 10 seconds. No one can see you or attack you except GER. You are able to use E and Y in this.

H - Ground Slam

King Crimson Requiem smashes the opponent, sending those near the user flying up into the air. Deals 50 damage, and bypasses GER's RTZ.

V - Erasure Skip

Similar to normal King Crimson's time skip, King Crimson requiem and its user skips through time, making it seem like they had teleported forward. It also teleports further away compared to normal King Crimson.

Z - Stand Leap

You use your stand to make a long and huge jump, good to dodge and traveling.


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