Basic Info:

This Stand is exclusive to admins.

It Looks Like Normal King Crimson (Doppio 2 Arm) But It Doesn't Have The Red Part.

Has The Name King Crimson (Doppio 2 Arm) In Game.

Fact: This is, in fact, an unobtainable admin stand, so you cant get this from an arrow.


Passive A: Infinite Time Stop Movement.

Passive B: Has Faster Walk Speed.


Combo: Combo Is a 2 Punch Combo That Has a Chance To Deal 100 Damage.

Wombo Combo: Wombo Combo Is a 3-4 Hit Combo That Deals Godly Damage.

Vanish: Is a Move That Allows You To Teleport Anywhere You Want (Infinite Range And No CoolDown)

Dummy Heal: Allows You To Insta Heal To Full Hp. (Has No CoolDown)

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