Basic Information:

King Crimson (Doppio 2 Arm) is a stand that is obtained by using a Frog on Doppio 1 Arm.

"Doppio... Oh, Doppio. My little cute Doppio..."


E - Slightely stronger punch

You do a punch with one arm.

R - Stronger punch

This makes a small slash which trips your opponent.

T - Lower cut

You slash your opponent with this, great for when your opponent is down, and you can make a combo with this.

F - Weak Epitaph

You predict your opponents moves for a few seconds (you don't recieve damage).

V - Small time erase leap

You make a leap during time erase. Small one, but this is practically rolling but faster.

H- Berserk Mode

You now do barrages with E, throw 5 scalpels (12.5 DMG each) with R (3 seconds cooldown ), and enemies flying with T, and grab your opponent with Y, F and V moves remain the same. Berserk mode lasts for quite a time (5 minutes)

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