Italic= Basic Information: == King Crimson (Doppio), also known as Doppio 1 Arm, is a common stand that can be obtained from a stand arrow.



E - Weak punch

You Do a punch to make others away from you

R - Weak Slash

This makes a small slash which trips your opponent.

T - Slash Under Torso.

You slash your opponent with this, great for when your opponent is down, and you can make a combo with this.

F - Weak Epitath

You predict movements from everyone EXCEPT GER OR OVER HEAVENS for a few seconds (you don't recieve damage). You cannot attack during this.

V - Small Time Erase

You make a small time erase and leap in front of you a bit.


R+T+E+F (Easy)

R+T+F (Easy)

R+V+E+F (Normal/hard)

R+V (Teleport behind then attack from behind)+T+V+E+F (Talented) (Practice on dummies)

R+T+V (Teleport behind then attack from behind)+R+T+V+E+F (Do I even exist now?) (Practice on dummies)

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