STAND -「King Crimson」- King Crimson (Doppio 2 Arm) + Frog.


"Kingu Kurimzon no noryouku!''


E - Left Hook Punch

You do a strong punch with your left hand.

R - Right Hook Punch

You do a strong slash with your right hand.

T - Epitaph

You predict future attacks allowing you to dodge for 11 seconds. You cannot attack during this.

Y - Heavy Kick

You do a heavy kick which sends your opponent flying up.

F - Time Erase

KING CRIMSON! TIME HAS BEEN ERASED! You are invisible and invincible for about 15 seconds and only GER can see you and reset your ability to zero.

H - Donut Hole

This is a super heavy punch which wipes 40% of your HP and makes you fly up in the air. Very powerful punch.

Evolved Forms:

King Crimson Requiem - King Crimson + True Requiem Arrow

By using True Requiem on King Crimson you get King Crimson Requiem, a very powerful and rare stand.

Sans Crimson - King Crimson + Bone

By using bone on King Crimson, the user will show everyone the mighty bone while playing a bass-boosted version of megalovania.

Ender Crimson - King Crimson + Ender Pearl

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