How to obtain Killer Queen: Use a arrow with a common chance to get it.


E + Hold - SHIBO Barrage

Killer Queen barrages the opponent with a set of fast, moderately-powered punches.

R - Daīchi no Bakudan/Primary Bomb

Killer Queen strikes the target, transmuting the target into a bomb. The initial hit deals a pitiful amount of damage, but when used again after successfully striking an opponent, the target will explode for a superior amount of damage. This is not affected by range.

Note: Explosions made by Killer Queen cannot be mitigated, but will still be affected by Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero.

T - Sheer Heart Attack/Second Bomb

Killer Queen deploys its secondary bomb, Sheer Heart Attack. When deployed, it follows the target closet to it excluding the user of its respective Killer Queen, and when close enough, will explode the target with incredible force. Sheer Heart Attack itself has only 100HP, but has a 90% damage reduction. Easily countered by time stops and Over Heavens.

Y - Yen Coin Throw

This move now works :)

Killer Queen throws a yen coin, and if you hit anyone, press R to activate a bomb on them.

F - Third Bomb; Bites The Dust!/Daisan no Bakudan!

Killer Queen: Bites The Dust activates its third bomb, BITES THE DUST! After quickly punching the target, both Killer Queen and its user float into the air saying "Yes! I activated it!", hovering there for roughly 7 seconds, before returning everyone around them back to their original positions, while also dealing superior damage. You are invincible to any kind of attack during this state.

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