SPEC - Kars - Vampire + Vampire Mask (1/3 chance)

Basic Information:

Kars is a spec that is obtained by using a Vampire Mask with the Vampire (1/3 chance of working). This spec represents Kars, the main villain of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. It's only difference of the main player presentation is that blades appear on the forearms of the player. This is the only spec which can use the Aja Mask to become Ultimate Lifeform.


「 PASSIVE 」- Pillar Man

All attacks against Vampires deal 25% more damage since you eat them and your skin is immune to hamon, thus all hamon attacks deal 25% less damage. Finally you regenerate 3% of your health every second. Due to the regen, your guard is very strong, you can heal without having to use T.

G- Pose

The player stars menacingly posing while "Awaken" is playing.

Q - Determination

Your determination to complete your goals drives you to fight harder. You will temporarily deal more damage (1.15x), have increased speed making it slightly faster than almost every stand, and jump height that's high enough to jump on a small house. Does not last forever. Good for approaching and chasing people.

E - Brilliant Bone Blade

Use your light blades to do a very fast rush dealing superior damage.

R - Superhuman Punch

Do an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knock back.

T - Blood Suck

Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you and dealing medium damage. This fling allows combos. (Does not heal if they're blocking, but it does fling)

Can deal half hp to weak stands probably with durability B or lower.

Does not make you fall during the move, but when the move is over, you fall.

H - Surprise Kick

Do an upwards kick dealing incredible damage. Deals no knock back, but lots of stun.

V - Pillar Man Dash

Dash forward a great distance with great speed and a low cooldown as much as a roll.

F - Bone Blade Spin

Lightly jump into the air, and dash while spinning around dealing fair damage to your enemy with your blades.

Z - Pillar Man Jump

Jump high into the air, with no effects left behind.

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