"Good grief..." -Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtaro条 承太郎)


Jotaro's Star Platinum is an insanely buffed black and blue variation of Star Platinum obtainable via using a Pot Platinum's Diary on Star Platinum.


Key Name Description Length Cooldown Damage
LMB Click Punch A regular punch that deals amazing damage. 1 Second 1 Second Godly Strength

45 Damage



Supreme ORA! Barrage JSP does an extremely powerful barrage that can finish a Cosmic Luigi in about 4 seconds. 5 Seconds 5 Seconds Godly Strength

30 Damage Per Punch

R Supreme ORA! Punch A heavy-hitting hard punch that deals an extreme knockback and damage. 2 Seconds 10 Seconds Godly Strength

80 Damage

T Iggy Throw JSP hurls Iggy at the target. It is dangerous in short-ranged combat. 2 Seconds 30 Seconds Godly Strength

65 Damage

F Timestop JSP stops time for around 3 seconds.

Note: This can be nullified by GER's Return To Zero and shortened by MiH and MoHe's Time Acceleration.

3 Seconds 1 Minute No Damage


H Timestop Movement Allows you to move in other's time stop for 3 seconds. 3 Seconds 30 Seconds No Damage


Pros and Cons:


  • Will get rework soon so will get a lot more value
  • Best damage in the game
  • Low cooldowns
  • 3 or 4 clicks is able to kill almost anyone
  • Iggy Throw is very fast and hard to dodge
  • Supreme ORA! Barrage can also kill most players in only a few hits
  • Can easily escape timestops with H + Z


  • Limited moveset.
  • No combo potential.
  • Timestop is short and has very high cooldown.


  • When posing, it plays Jotaro's Theme (Heritage for the Future).
  • When JSP is summoned, it shakes the screen a bit.
  • Jotaro's Star Platinum is regarded as one of the best pvp stands in the game, only rivaled by Oni and ULF.
  • JSP is A tier in rarity, along with Sonic, Sonic.exe, and Cosmic Luigi's World.
  • The shiny version of this stand, Jotaro's Star Platinum (OVA), is actually weaker than this currently, due to no Timestop, no Timestop movement, and barrage is weaker.

Old Model

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