"I feel fantastic, hey hey hey!"

Basic Information:

This stand seems to resemble Tara The Android from the song: ''I Feel Fantastic''


Destructive Power:




Passive A:

Fantastic In Every Way Due to your gained abilties, you have no cooldowns, Infinite health and damage, and can walk freely in Time-Stop.

(Also you can bypass ANY counter.) And all moves have no cooldown.



[E - Simply Fantastic Barrage]

I Feel Fantastic Lunges infront of the user and barrages at light speed, dealing inf damage. (Lasts forever)

[R - Overly Fantastic Heavy Punch]

I Feel Fantastic Lines up a godly gutpunch, upon impact it deals massive knockback with inf damage.

[T - Fully Fantastic Banish] [WIP]

I Feel Fantastic Winds up it's fist and slams it into the enemy, banishing them from the game. (Hitbox is broken anyway)

(Note: If you are hit by this, rejoin)

[H - Revert To Fantastic]

I Feel Fantastic and the user pose menacingly, if they were to be hit during this ability, the opponent would instantly die. (Can move freely in the duration of this ability.)

[Y - Over Fantastic Self-Healing Barrage]

I Feel Fantastic Barrages the user at mach speed, healing them for 50K health every punch.

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